• 25g increments only.

  • Roast: 60%, roasted slowly over 20 hours

  • Oxidation : 10%

  • Origin : Shanlinxi, Lugu township, Nantou county, Taiwan

  • Elevation : 1400 meters

  • Cultivar : Qingxin (青心

  • Organic tea farm

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DISCLAIMER: This tea is not for the meek, the weak, or the uninitiated. Consider this your warning.

We’ve been up to no good collaborating with Uncle-- and it’s finally time to share the results with a select few.

May we introduce, XXperimental No. 1, a double roasted red oolong from our farm in Shanlinxi. Grown at 1400m and produced using Spring 2019’s exceptional harvest, this tea is a journey-- so saddle up and get some friends to join you on this wild ride.

Tasting notes? Less is more. We ain’t trying to taint this experience.

This is an extremely limited batch release. When it’s gone, it’s gone forever.