What is your favorite band?

The BeeGees. More specifically, The Bee Gees in their disco years.

Help me, do I need a teapot?

Not necessary, just drink grandpa style.

Get a large mug, then add tea & hot water.  The tea will unfurl into really large tea leaves that will sink to the bottom -- so you don't need a strainer. When you get about half-way through the mug, just add more water and continue steeping and sippin' :) 

But if you do want some gear, I (of course) have some recommendations for you:  

Here's a line of affordable, more traditional teapots and easy gaiwans.

If you're looking for a minimalist setup to get the job done right, we recommend Manual Tea Maker No 1

I'm not friends with these crews (yet), but we use their modified gaiwans and teapots every day. They've been the easiest set up we've found to make a generous serving of tea for yourself without looking totally bizarre at your office.


Why Taiwanese oolongs?

Because they taste great and it's really hard to mess up brewing them.


I love Taiwanese oolongs, because their flavors run the spectrum from light + vegetal (like a green tea) to dark + toasty (more like black tea or coffee, but without the bite or dryness). 

So I'm going to start off sharing those with you first. Don't be surprised if you see some special black teas in the future. 


How did you fall in love with tea?

Out of necessity. When you're only served tea at dinner and you're super thirsty, at some point you start to like it... 

But in all honestly, I've spent the past 10+ years visiting & living in Taiwan and have come to appreciate the variety of styles that Taiwanese tea producers are able to create on such a small island.


Do your teas have caffeine?

Yes, always. <3 caffeine.


How do I order wholesale?

Please contact sales@bang-tea.com for wholesale inquiries. whenever geographically possible, we're happy to provide instruction and training to your staff.