green oolong (fall 2018)

green oolong (fall 2018)

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  • Roast: unroasted

  • Oxidation : 10%

  • Origin : Shanlinxi, Lugu township, Nantou county, Taiwan

  • Elevation : 1400 meters

  • Cultivar : Qingxin (青心)

  • Organic tea farm

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Tasting Notes: asian pear, dried gardenia, watercress

Mouthfeel: This tea has a rowdy mouthfeel that’ll give you a deliciously long aftertaste.

Season: Fall 2018; we had expected another red oolong, however the leaves were so potent we decided to leave them alone :)

Brewing Instructions: Steep 5g / 200 degrees / 45 - 60 sec steep / 150ml of water / multiple brews. If that's too much work or you're just feeling lazy, throw some leaves in a mug and add hot water (we do this all the time).