black oolong

black oolong

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  • Roast: Slowly roasted for 10 hours

  • Oxidation : 90+%

  • Origin : Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan

  • Elevation : 1300 meters

  • Cultivar : Jinxuan ‘milk oolong’ (金萱)

  • Organic tea farm

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Tasting Notes: plum, squash, cacao

Mouthfeel: This tea has a well-rounded dark flavor that’s a little juicy and a little dry on your tongue.

Season: 2018 winter harvest 

Recommended: Steep 5g / 205 degrees / 30-45 sec per steep / 150ml of water / multiple brews. If that's too intense, just throw some leaves in a mug and add hot water!