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Mr. Lin’s Farm

Hands down, Uncle is the coolest person on Shanlinxi’s mountainside. He's been growing and producing award winning oolongs for the past 40 years and is a huge proponent of natural farming-- you'll never find any pesticides near his plants. He also got bored at one point and started an organic vegetable farm to shake things up, and you know what? They're the most crisp veggies around. Why do we love working with Uncle? His generosity and patience is first-class, his teas are unparalleled.


The Liu Family Farm

What can we say, we're downright envious of the Liu family operation. Situated in the sea of clouds on Alishan mountain, this third generation tea farmer & producer family has been making Alishan oolong since 1984. As a father/son duo, their favorite step in the oolong-making process is withering-- as there's no standard operating procedure. It requires a keen sense of smell, intimate knowledge of the plant, and an appreciation of art-- after all, that's really what tea making is. We love their teas and we love spending time with them even more.

black oolong
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